Rich in Southern Charm and British Elegance

Hey Y'all, I'm Christina!


I became Deep South Posh long before this shop was born, when I married my wonderful husband. While I am a born and raised Southern Belle, he is a tall, dark, and handsome British gentleman. Needless to say we have vastly different backgrounds and accents! We have a daughter together, and we named her London Elizabeth for her combination heritage. As she grew up and began to talk, she developed the most adorable British accent with a Southern twang. Friends and family would say "listen to her little Southern Posh accent!" and so the idea of Deep South Posh was born.

In 2013 our son received an Autism diagnosis and I left my corporate career to stay home to take care of him. When he left home to go to school, I needed something to do to alleviate the boredom of being home alone all day. I started making gifts for my son's teachers and our family and friends, but the gifts turned into sales before I knew what was happening.

At Christmastime, I was selling ornaments and gifts locally to make some extra money to make the holiday special for my family. Well, my ornaments were such a big hit that I actually had to turn away local buyers because I ran out of supplies! I had thought about moving my business online in the past, but this was the turning point and I finally opened my own online store.

My shop, like many others, has grown and changed as I have grown as a business owner. A few years ago, a close family member was killed in the line of duty as a sheriff's deputy. I was shaken, and the only way I knew how to process my grief was to create. I began making baby bodysuits for police, fire fighter, and paramedic families of all kinds, but I have a special place in my heart and mind for families who are overcoming life struggles.

Our family received some devastating news in 2014, when our son was diagnosed with hydrocephalus after being pushed down at school. Essentially he had a mass of fluid on his brain and required immediate brain surgery. A year later we were back in the hospital for a second surgery due to the hydrocephalus. He has had three more surgeries since then, and our family has relocated from Alabama to Maryland. 

While it is a little bit frightening to be away from friends and family, I have been able to pour my heart and soul into Deep South Posh. My family and my business are both flourishing in our new home. Flourishing so much, in fact, I decided to go further!

Deep South Posh has transitioned from a handmade eCommerce business to a Children's Boutique where you can shop online and in person! With the support of my husband and children, my dream finally became a reality. 

We hope you'll follow along on our journey and experience the fun and friendly charm of our business, built with love and loved around the world!

Y’all have a great day, okay?